About Us is organised by British Council and ADDICT Creative Industries, Portugal

British Council

The British Council is UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The Council builds trust and understanding through activities in English, in education, and through the arts.

In addition to developing partnerships and projects across each major art form, the British Council has a bespoke programme focussing on the Creative Economy. We aim to strengthen the links between global and UK creative business, networks, policy makers and entrepreneurs: promoting international connections; exchanging skills, innovations and best practice; and enhancing opportunities for artists, creative businesses and entrepreneurs to reach broader markets.


ADDICT – Creative Industries, Portugal

Created in 2008, currently gathers around 100 members and it is recognised by the Ministry for Economy as the coordinator of the creative industries cluster in the North region of Portugal. ADDICT’s mission is to foster a favourable environment to creation and production in the culture and creative field, defending the interests of the sector´s stakeholders and acting as a promotion and coordinating platform. In the period 2009-2013, the North region invested in the creation of infrastructures and events to ensure adequate conditions for hosting, producing and presenting cultural and creative products and services.

Since 2013, ADDICT has been promoting the informal encounter and debate of the sector´s main support venues. This group intends to be a space for exchange of experiences and shared discussion on these creative centres’ role in the sector´s and the territory development, in view of establishing partnerships for future collaborations and joint action at regional, national and international level.