city partner 2015


city partner 2015

Day 1 | Tuesday, 13th

Opening Plenary: European Creative Hubs Forum

Welcome Notes and ECHF 15' Opening Plenary: Creative Hubs - establishing a new European Network: a call to action!

Welcome notes from British Council's Ben Evans, ADDICT's Cristina Farinha, and Lisbon City Council's DMEI: Municipal Department of Economy and Innovation, in the person of General Director Paulo Soeiro Carvalho. + Opening Plenary session: Positioning the European Creative Hubs Forum - the future of Creative Hubs in Europe and a call to action! The ECHF proposes several outcomes from the Forum that require your input as Creative Hubs Managers: a Manifesto for Creative Hubs, a Toolkit for Hub Managers, a Hub Manager Leadership Programme, and a Hub Manager Talent Exchange Programme or "Resident Visitors" programme are some of the ideas being advanced. MC's: Catherine Docherty + 1 (TBA).