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city partner 2015

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Fernando Nabais

British Council

Fernando Nabais manages the British Council Creative Economy Iberia programme and extends his activities to research, industry and education, while maintaining an independent artistic production in new media. An international award winner pioneer in areas such as augmented reality and natural user interaction, directed projects ranging from digital signage, immersive environments and social robotics, among many others, and their application to several vertical market segments such as advertising, and culture for many Fortune 500 companies and world renowned museums and cultural events. Several of these projects and their outcomes were covered by prestigious media such as the Wired magazine, both US and UK editions, MSNBC, The Economist, among many others. Fernando was the coordinator of the team that won the first Auggie Award for best augmented reality application at the Augmented Reality Event in 2010, San Francisco, USA. Co-authored several software and hardware patents. Fernando Nabais holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, a MSc in Communication Sciences and is a PhD Candidate at the Nova University of Lisbon / UTAustin Digital Media program Individual and collaborative artistic work has been expressed in music projects and new media art from performance to installation that has been presented internationally.