Tom Fleming

Director of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, Tom is an expert in culture and creativity policies for cities and regions as well as in research and support for the creative industries sector. Key areas of experience include creative industries local and regional strategies, cluster development, detailed mapping, cultural planning, and establishing targeted support mechanisms for the sector that include approaches to finance, investment, business advice, skills/training, property feasibility, and network and supply chain development. He has led a range of research and strategy programmes on behalf of regional development agencies and national bodies, as well as undertaken significant international work. Central to this approach is the relationship between creativity and development. Tom has got extensive experience in the transformation of cultural politics of British cities as articulated through forms and processes, such as music, performance, festivals, carnival and other innovative products and services. Tom is also an established public speaker, with experience on the conference platform and managing seminars and workshops. He has worked across the UK and in over 25 countries.