The Creative Hubs Forum, has gathered from 12 to 14 February, those responsible for creative hubs in Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Germany to network, debate, share business models, explore working methodologies, and generally seek closer cooperation at local, national and European level.
This international Forum was concluded with a public debate that shared the results from the two work days and that discussed with policy makers “Public policies to support a creative environment”.


  • Promote the encounter, discussion and future collaboration among creative hubs and enterprises at regional, national and European level;

  • Stimulate the sharing of experiences on contrasting infrastructures, business models, training and skills needs within Hubs management.

  • Lay the foundations for the development of an international network of creative hubs;

  • Promote discussion on how public policies may support an adequate environment for the sector’s development having in view the new European framework 2020.


  • Working sessions for managers of creative hubs and creative enterprises:

    • What support services are better suited for creative businesses?
    • How can hubs help their associated businesses to reach international markets?
    • How can hubs harness digital innovations in the arts?
    • What are the most adequate business and organisational models for creative hubs?
    • What training and professional development might be the most valuable for managers of creative hubs?
    • How can creative hubs collaborate with the cultural sector?
    • How can creative hubs develop better international links and networks?

  • International case studies
  • Networking opportunities / speed dating
  • Public policy discussion