city partner 2015


city partner 2015

Steering Group

Rasmus Tscherning


Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning has been the Managing Director of CKO since its establishment in 2008. Rasmus is also chairman of the European Creative Industries Alliance - ECIA - appointed by the European Commission DG Enterprise. In addition to CKO’s responsibility to promote entrepreneurship and growth in the creative industries and cross sector innovation, Rasmus is also responsible for several initiatives under the Nordic Council of Ministers initiative KreaNordon policy development and financing opportunities for creative businesses. As Director for CKO, Rasmus has launched Creative Business Cup, the world championships for entrepreneurs from the creative industries. He is an external lecturer on the subject “Creative Industries: Business, Innovation and Politics” and lectures internationally in French, English, German and Swedish. Rasmus has 19 years of experience related to the creative industries.