city partner 2015


city partner 2015


ECHF Lisbon ’15 Report

The ECHF Lisbon ’15 Report is authored by the Forum Chair, Catherine Docherty.

The report gives an overview of the event plus a detailed report of certain key sessions. In addition Catherine summarises the main themes and issues which were raised by this unique gathering of Europe’s Creative Hubs – drawing on feedback from speakers, moderators, and the delegates themselves.

  ECHF Lisbon 2015 – Key Insights and Overview

The Creative HubKit

Authored by Janine Matheson (Creative Edinburgh) and Gillian Easson (Creative Dundee), with the support of Creative England


The Creative HubKit is designed to support emerging Creative Hubs to think about their business model, about their approach to the creative companies with which they work, and about the way they engage in local, regional, national and international relationships.


  Creative HubKit V1.1

Mapping Europe’s Creative Hubs

ADDICT Creative Industries Portugal and the British Council invite you to explore the diverse and important role played by Creative Hubs in European cities and regions.


We are delighted to present the analysis of the preliminary results of the pan-European survey to Creative Hubs conducted and drafted by the ECBN – European Creative Business Network.

At present Creative Hubs play a central and crucial role in contributing to the development of creative economies - acting as hosts, brokers, connectors and dynamic hot-spots for the sector projects and professionals throughout Europe.

Before we can start to build a dedicated international community of Hubs capable of providing mutual support, shared learnings and a common voice, we need to understand more about the the different motivations and missions, profiles, stories and challenges of Creative Hubs and those who manage them.

These preliminary results, presented by ECBN, are the start of a deeper understanding of how Creative Hubs are becoming an integral part of Europe’s creative and cultural landscape.


  Analysis of the preliminary results of the pan-European survey to Creative Hubs conducted and drafted by the ECBN

The Lisbon Manifesto (draft)

At ECHF ’15 time was spent developing a manifesto for Creative Hubs in Europe. It was strongly felt that a rallying document would be useful to help support a network of European Creative Hubs, but also to help advocate for our work to local, national, and transnational stakeholders.

We now have a draft manifesto, below, and invite your views. If you would like to be part of a working group, please email [email protected]

The Lisbon Manifesto (DRAFT)

Creative Hubs are a proven driver for innovation, competitiveness and growth in the creative industries and beyond.

Creative hubs offer crucial support for capacity building within creative businesses allowing them to enhance the chance of success, connect to funders and investors and to recognise the value and contribution of their new ideas.

Creative Hubs help drive the economy by connecting the creative sector’s professionals, projects and ideas to each other, and to other sectors where they innovate, stimulate new thinking, and generate high-value and highly skilled jobs. 


Values that unite European Creative Hubs network include:

Openness: in a spirit of openness, the European Creative Hubs ecosystem supports a community of like-minded hubs to develop and share best and next practice, tools and resources that assist hub development.

Connectedness:  the network is outward-looking and engaged in the local, national, European and global economic, political and social environments. The network of creative hubs advocates for and addresses themes and issues pertinent to the development of the sector.

Empowering: access to an informed and dynamic peer network empowers creative hubs to meet their full potential in an economic and social context. 

We will build a European network of Creative Hubs:

The European Creative Hubs network leads the way in enhancing understanding of the role of Creative Hubs and their contribution to the success of the creative and wider economy. 

The network will support members by offering hubs and their managers opportunities to learn, share best practice and develop meaningful partnerships. 

We will work together to identify and test training programmes, business models and funding opportunities to support the sustainability of hubs and their associated businesses.

The network provides a critical mass that enables hubs and groups of hubs to advocate and lobby for support at local, national, and European level.

Executive Team

Ben Evans Head of Arts Programmes and Partnerships, British Council Portugal

Cristina Farinha Executive Director Addict, Creative Industries Portugal

Fernando Nabais Project Manager Creative Economy Iberia / Sponsorship Coordinator

Nuno Saraiva Programme Manager

Carla M Cardoso Event Producer

Sofia Gomes Associate Event Producer

Lynsey Smith Programme Manager Europe, British Council Creative Economy

Paulo Silva Communications Manager

Sara Espirito Santo Press Officer

Paulo Oliveira Designer